Product Development

Idea. Analyze. Plan. Trial. Review. Produce. Launch. As a team.


Polykote’s customer-centric product development process begins with an analysis of your specific application. We won’t simply pull a product off the shelf or send samples of something that “might” work. Instead, we get to know you and your requirements.

Our engineers can formulate new coatings specifically for your application or we can optimize commercially available coatings for your needs. As a team we will work together to determine the right approach.

We will outline the scope of the project. What are the CTQ (critical to quality) items that must be satisfied? Are we using your materials? What do we need to know in order for this project to be a success?

Next, based on the information gathered, does this project make sense for both parties? Can the development and delivery of the new product happen on time, on budget and exceed expectations? From there we begin development, keeping the team involved every step of the way. Circumstances may change from either party. If it does, we are committed to an open two-way communication in order to regroup and address the change immediately.

We specialize in performing experimental coating trials in order to fine tune the design. Furthering our collaborative approach to product development, we encourage our customers to participate in the trials. Watch the material run, understand the challenges and how they are overcome.

Coating trials ensure:

  • Proper selection and testing of all components

  • Coat weight optimization 

  • Coating speed optimization 

  • Optimal combination of the above 

For specific applications we can determine proper peel values, and offer a wide variety of PSA coatings and release liners.


A dedicated in-house quality laboratory with ovens, viscometers, electronic balance, micrometers and adhesive property test instruments are engaged in process and product development.

Testing includes:

  • Release value graphing

  • 90° & 180° Peel adhesion

  • Coat weight thickness analysis

  • Material thickness

  • Viscosity

  • pH levels

  • Aging

We are just finishing up a Development project with Polykote, which has been an adventure for us all. The knowledgeable and helpful staff at Polykote worked with us through several issues that arose from the unique properties of our substrate, and allowed us to complete our project successfully. Their cooperation and ability to adjust “on the fly” enabled us to create a completely unique product that meets the needs specific to our industry.

Wanda Welch, Ecore International