Linerless Label Tech

SILGON™ Linerless Technology

Polykote Corp. has developed this decades most exciting breakthrough in labeling technology. SILGON™ Linerless Technology will help you save the environment, streamline your labeling process and be more cost efficient.

  • Reduce Labelstock Cost
  • Reduce Liner Waste
  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

The Patent Pending process has been produced on a variety of different labeling materials.


60# Semi-Gloss / SC 201: A 60# Semi-Gloss coated paper label stock. Coated with a proprietary, heat activated pressure sensitive adhesive.


60# Semi-Gloss: A coated Semi-Gloss sheet. This sheet provides excellent ink holdout with its consistently smooth print surface.

Physical Properties:

Caliper (Mils) 3.0 mils
Opacity (%) 87.5
Gloss 75
Brightness 89
Basis Weight 60lb/ream (89gsm)


SC 201: A heat activated, pressure sensitive adhesive, designed to adhere to a wide variety of substrates including corrugated board and plastic containers.

Typical Performance Characteristics

Coating Weight 13.4#/3000ft2
90° Peel Stainless Steel (20 Min. dwell) 33 oz/in2
90° Peel HDPE (20 Min. dwell) 31 oz/in2
90° Peel 200# Burst (20 Min. dwell) 11 oz/in2
Loop Tack Stainless Steel 58 oz/in2
Loop Tack Glass 59 oz/in2
Loop Tack HDPE 46 oz/in2
Shear (1x1x1000) 28 minutes

This product information is presented in good faith and is, to the best of our knowledge, accurate. It is intended for use as a reference guideline. It is not a specification. As with all our products, Polykote Corporation recommends the end-user thoroughly test for their actual end conditions to assure compliance with customer requirements.